Our product, Dream Lift, is the answer to the problem that many in the RV community have faced or will face as they find themselves with mobility problems due to medical conditions or simply aging. They find it more and more difficult, if not impossible, to get from the ground up to the entrance to their RV.

We were faced with this problem when the wife of one of our founders, who is confined to a motorized chair, expressed the desire to continue RVing. We looked around and found nothing that would meet our criteria:

  1. Lift person & chair from ground to door height
  2. Self-storing. No wrestling with ramps
  3. No modifications to the RV structure
  4. No need to eliminate the original RV steps
  5. Work on travel trailers & 5th wheel RVs
  6. Affordably priced

Soon, the Dream Lift, was born. Over the past three years the concept has been tried and improved to reach the point where we can present a product that is strong, compact, and reliable.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can make your dream of the open road a reality with the Dream Lift.

We look forward to working with you